Marina Eluf

Interior Designer, BArch

Passionate about painting, art, drawings, colours, and creativity from an early age, Marina found a way to integrate her love for these elements into her professional journey as an architect. Her affinity for travel, photography, and spending leisure time sketching further fueled her imaginative spirit.

Embarking on her architectural journey in 2013, She discovered the profound connection between her artistic inclinations and the architectural realm. In 2019, she successfully earned her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University Santa Cecília in Santos, São Paulo.

Since then, She has been actively seeking new challenges and knowledge within the realms of architecture and interiors. Her approach to design seamlessly combines her artistic sensibilities with architectural principles, creating spaces that are not only functional but also aesthetically captivating.

Just as she draws inspiration from her love for art and travel, Marina seeks to push the boundaries of conventional architecture. Her journey reflects a commitment to continuous learning, exploring new horizons, and weaving creativity into every aspect of her architectural endeavours.