Assisted Living Building

A-Omega Residential

This project is situated on a corner parcel with a terrain that drastically slopes towards the intersection. The main access is from 15th Street through the basement which includes indoor amenity areas and offices. The access to the main floor is provided through the parking area facing the lane.

The A-Omega Personal Care Building is a form of assisted living use designed around resident care and well-being. Furthermore, this building aims to radically change the stereotype of typical assisted living buildings which are often known for being tight, sub-urban and lacking in capacity to comfortably accommodate residents that require barrier-free access to basic amenities and areas.

This facility includes 40 barrier-free units distributed on four floors with every 5 units equipped with communal living areas, kitchen areas, and dining areas. Additionally, this project emphasizes the importance of access to outdoor areas which are often not included in such development for safety reasons.

Through the use of planters and high glass railings, this project provides access to balconies and roof gardens to further improve the lifestyle of the residents.

The Development Permit is approved.

Winner of Calgary Mayor’s Urban Design Awards 2019 People’s Choice




Calgary, AB



  • YEAR : 2014
  • LOCATION : Calgary, AB
  • CATEGORY : Residential