Retail and Office Building

Hilltop Commercial

Located across from McMahon Stadium along Crowchild Trail in Northwest Calgary, this 4-storey commercial building is the latest addition to Hilltop Commercial Plaza. The location of the site benefits from being surrounded by numerous commercial services such as food, hospitality, office and retail. It is also a 1-minute walking distance from Banff Trail LRT station.

The program of this building consists of retail units on the main floor and three floors of office spaces above. The building is attached to the existing Hilltop development through a commercial arcade with a rooftop patio accessible from the second floor.

Since the building is located so close to the southern property line, it is restricted in having no glazing on the south side with a required non-combustible cladding. This limitation has been used to the advantage of the project through extending the fire-protected wall to the roof and over to the north side appearing as a protective overhang above the glass volume depicted by the windows on the north, east and west elevations.

This concept is further accentuated through the contrasted through the use of strong/delicate materials such as weathered steel and glass curtain walls.

Development Permit is approved.




Calgary, AB



  • YEAR : ----
  • LOCATION : Calgary, AB
  • CATEGORY : Office