2019 Missing Middle Competition

Pears Point

Pears Point was our entry to the “Missing Middle” Competition hosted by the City of Edmonton; an architecture competition aimed at providing a missing typology that can bridge the gap between the townhouse typology and the mid-size multi-residential typology.

The site consisted of the consolidation of 4 single-detached house parcels into 1 large parcel facing west towards the Kingsway Shopping Centre across the LRT tracks.

Our proposal explored the notion of viewing the four major areas of the residence (bedroom, kitchen, dining, living) as the major building blocks to create unit typologies that offer different conditions catered to the preference of users of different demographics and interests. We called this the tetra-block mix concept in which different unit shapes inter-twine into one another creating a unified structure with distinct conditions.

Additionally, the unit types aim to maximize the views of each unit to the surroundings and offer many individualized entries accessible from the street level as possible. These unique units are topped with communal rooftop gardens that encourage socializing of the neighbours with another and thus a more unified co-existence.

Our collaborators were:

Milton Davies of Arbor Pro




Edmonton, AB



  • YEAR : 2019
  • LOCATION : Edmonton, AB
  • CATEGORY : Competition