Community Building

Persian Pavilion

The Persian Pavilion is designed to be gifted to the University of Calgary by Persian speaking communities in Calgary.

Iranians, Afghans and Tajiks speak Persian and Persian literature is common within a wider range of people and cultures in Central Asia, Kurdistan, Northern Areas of Pakistan and South Asia. The Persian script is derived from Arabic and the Persian cultures share a lot with Arab and neighbouring societies in the Middle East.

Once approved, sponsors will pick verses of poetry that celebrate knowledge and our shared humanity. The structure will be made of stainless steel strips, bent by a channel letter CNC machine and bolted together to create the structure. There will be two layers of words around translucent insulation. The recycled hard plastic is 3D printed to fill in the cavities and gaps to make the building envelope completely sealed and for additional structural support. What holds the structure are Words, our languages partially make our cultures and the spaces we inhabit in.

All verses of poetry are fittingly in praise of acquisition of knowledge. Symbols from the University of Calgary Indigenous Strategy are adopted to be integrated with the Persian letters. This will be a space for students to gather, rest, enjoy music and performances and celebrate learning.




Calgary, AB



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  • LOCATION : Calgary, AB
  • CATEGORY : Cultural