Stacked Row Housing

Ritchie Townhouses

The Ritchie Townhouses are a step higher from the standard typology of townhouses with regards to several factors such as unit density, unit type diversity, and building form. In proposing a higher density, we have tried to achieve a wide range of unit types serving different family sizes, a collective parkade accessible through the lane and a building form that reads as singular and whole as opposed to copy/paste of the side of the same unit by side which is common in townhouse typologies. There are three units on the main floor, over an underground parkade served with two elevators. The upper floors consist of 4 townhouse style dwelling. This project, to quote the Edmonton mayor, is a trailblazer for a new age-in-place housing typology.

The site is an amalgamation of two smaller parcels previously designated for single detached dwellings and is characterized by a single 100+-year-old American elm tree towards the middle-front of the parcel. As such the presence of the tree is used in shaping the building (thus the intrusion in the middle) and allowing for a harmonious co-existence between the tree and the new building. Furthermore, all units are equipped with floor-ceiling full height windows that echo the grandeur and height of the elm tree.

Along with the brick finish, the result is a dynamic facade expression that is strong, well-grounded and timeless.

Land-Use Redesignation, tied to plans, was approved in 2018.




Edmonton, AB



  • YEAR : 2018
  • LOCATION : Edmonton, AB
  • CATEGORY : Residental