Educational Tent Structure

Tent School

There are many places in our world, where school children can not enjoy proper educational spaces purpose-built and conducive to their education.

This tent school structure is portable and can be applied for a variety of uses. The design philosophy was to create a diamond shape structure that people feel excited to be in.

We are giving you a diamond because you are our equals in humanity.

Instead of a tent, with its stereotype form that implies the temporary nature of the ‘shelter’, people in financially ultra-poor communities, people in humanitarian crisis can enjoy good design with permanence. These structures can be classrooms, hospitals or other types of facilities where easy assembly, maintenance and dismantling can be advantageous.

Made of modular aluminium pipes and cheap tent fabric the structure can be easily assembled and dismantled by the users themselves. All the elements can be packed into boxes and transported to another location.

We are currently working on construction drawings, having completed the structural design and are moving forward with building the first prototype. We are grateful and pleasantly surprised by the amount of positive support we have received so far.







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  • LOCATION : Universal
  • CATEGORY : Educational